Santorini '' The Paradise On Earth''

September 30, 2017


Santorini is located in Greece, the island of Santorini is considered one of the most attractive places in the world specially when planning those deserved vacations. This small archipelago made up of volcanic islands is located south of the Aegean Sea. Its spectacular beauty, together with a lively nightlife, have made it one of the main tourist destinations in Europe.

The capital of Santorini is Fira and has a population of approximately 15 thousand inhabitants. One of the main attractions of this place are the dark sand beaches and also the excursion in the Caldera.


How to get to the island of Santorini


By plane


During the summer holidays from June to September, it is considered high season  and it’s easy to find quite a few direct flights to Santorini airport but, If you catch flights out of high season, you will almost certainly have a stopover  in Athens  and  then you will have to do a connection with a second flight to Santorini.


Once in Santorini airport, to move to your destination you have two options: take a taxi or take a bus outside of the airport terminal. 




















By Ferry


Another option to reach this marvellous Island is to make use of the ferries. Since there are a lot ferry companies due to the high demand and the large quantity of islands in the Greek Archipelago, normally you will not need to book in advance except if you’re traveling in the high season in which the number of tourists is high. If arriving by ferry is your option, first you will have to go to Athens in order to be able to catch the ferry at Piraeus port.


Tip: If you are a person who usually prone to seasickness I would suggest to book the blue star because this is the largest ferry in this route so the bumpy rides are reduced. This trip takes around 8h because of the stops along the way.

















The best time to travel to Santorini ?


Once again I am facing the same issue ‘’ When is the best time to travel? ’’Like what I said before on my post about Phuket, there is no best time to visit certain place, let me explain, in my opinion the best time depends on what you want to do, in other words which activities are you planning, let see if you are a beach lover the summer which is from June to September is the best time because is more warm, days are more luminous, the sunlight shining on the Aegean Sea is astonishing.


In the other hand if you are looking for a cultural trip the winter months which lasts from December to March are more suitable for you and during this period the weather is unpredictable.  



























Where to stay in Santorini?


Since you already have an idea of the geography of the island and know how to get there, now it’s time to choose where to stay because in my opinion, choosing the perfect accommodation can make our vacation more enjoyable.


So it’s very important that you pay attention to this, since depending on the chosen area, the prices of the accommodation varies  as well as the activities.






















Oia is ‘’ The Place’’ I can risk to say that this is the jewel of the island, this is the place that is usually featured in most of the pictures about Santorini. In this amazing place you will find gorgeous hotels  painted white with blue domes and with luxury swimming pools overlooking the caldera no wonder why  this is the most expensive area of the island as far as accommodations are concerned.

In my personal opinion this is the best place for honeymoons or relax with your loved ones.





FIRA or Thira, is the capital of this paradise on earth, in this place, for what concerns the accommodation I can say that this is a place where two worlds ‘’ Collide’’ let me explain why, on one hand you have the  luxury hotels overlooking the caldera, like those of Oia but on the other hand, you will find many affordable hotels around the city center.

Furthermore, Fira is a place that suits all types of tourists since the majority of restaurants, nightclubs, and bars are located there.



My third option would be Kamari, this is a place that features one of the best beaches on the island, in this place you can also find some restaurants, shops, etc, I can say that this is a more family friendly environment.



Firostefani is located to the north of Fira, about 2 km away so you can almost say that it has become an extension of the capital Fira. It offers a very photographic view of Fira and you can see the volcano from another perspective.  In addition if you are looking for some privacy this is the best place.




Imerovigli is located north of Fira, about 3 km. It is a very quiet and reserved area. Furthermore this area features high-end hotels most of them overlooking the Caldera.

How to get around the island of Santorini ?


Know how to get around in a certain place is very important. Santorini has a good network of buses that will help you to get around easily but can also catch a taxi.


Even though buses in Santorini reach the main tourist points, there are many places that you will have to access by using a taxi or renting a car because some places are not reachable by the public buses.


Tip: Do not rent a car, motorbike or quad  in the first place you ask because there are many rental agencies and prices vary from one to another.

What to do during in Santorini ?


There are many things that can be done on this paradise from sunbath in the gorgeous beaches to sipping a champagne overlooking the Caldera.


The  Amazing Sunset of Santorini


The spectacular sunset in Oia is amazing, it’s like a real ritual. Everything seems almost to stop to admire the spectacle of the sun that is hidden in the Aegean Sea and creates a mixture of colors and really fantastic nuances.

































Traveling on island donkeys


Going up and down the mule ports, this is one of the most authentic experiences to live in Santorini, you can do it from Oia to its old port (Ammoudi).


You may wonder why donkeys? Let me tell you, donkeys are part of a very ancient tradition on the island of Santorini, as they have been used historically for displacement. They tell the oldest of the place, that the cost of going up and down to ports in donkeys is used to feed the them and not as a business as such.





































Try the wines of Santorini


Visit a winery and try the Vinsanto: despite being a volcanic land, wine is one of the main products of the area. The volcanic soil offers a truly special wine. I recommend a visit to one of the wineries in order to familiarize yourself with the traditional cultivation of the vineyard and taste some of the wines produced on the island.


















Do the excursion to the volcano


The area in which the island is located has a caldera composed by the superposition of volcanoes.

One of the largest volcanic eruptions of prehistory happened in Santorini. The caldera was surrounded by ash deposits of volcanoes and it is considered that there is a volcanic soil on the island. In the island of Santorini you can see the huge central lagoon that has an extension of 12 kilometers in length and 7 kilometers in width.















































Tour the hiking trails


Santorini has amazing hiking routes, this amazing island not only offers beautiful villages and beaches so if you are hiking lover this island offers amazing routes that are suitable for all, being the main the one that leads from Fira to Oia.



Movies in Kamari


If feels like a movie day you can head to Kamari where you will find the Open Air Cinema Kamari which since 1987 offers both tourists and residents of the island unique evenings in the cinema within an amazing environment. This cinema is located at the entrance to the city of Kamari on the main road to the city of Fira with a bus station just across the entrance from the cinema.


The best beaches on the island of Santorini


You can’t talk about Santorini without mentioning its gorgeous beaches featuring spectacular turquoise waters.


The red beach of Santorini


The Red Beach is the most featured beach on the entire island, its main attraction is the landscape composed of an intense red color that can also be seen in the sea, the sand of the place and also the tranquility that the same site offers.


How to get there?


The Red Beach can be reached by boat or by car and is located near the most important archaeological site of the island   

which is Akrotiri.



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