Singapore : The Lion City

October 11, 2017

Singapore is considered one of the best cities in the world and I totally agree, this place is replete of things to do and see, from the biggest Ferris wheel in The World (Singapore Flyer) to the breathtaking views of Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.


In addition, what amazes me the most in this magical place is the undoubtedly the possibility to live this multi-culturality, without anyone interfering with the beliefs of others.


Now let’s immerse ourselves into the geography of the place, the capital of Singapore is also called Singapore and it’s located in the South end of the peninsular Malaysia and it’s considered the smallest country in Southeast Asia.


Best time to visit Singapore


Since Singapore is a little over the Equator, it’s climate is hot and humid all year long, tropical as well. The annual averages range from 25 to 30ºC. The warmest period is from April to May so from my personal experience this is the best time because you can do almost everything.




























How to get there?


The best way to get to Singapore is by plane through Changi Airport which is considered one of the best airports in the world and is also the largest hub in Southeast Asia.

With so many attractions spread across its three astonishing terminals I can risk to say that Changi is a destination in its own.


Being one of the largest hubs in Southeast Asia there are a plenty of choices of airlines and routes which you can check here.

















How to go to the  Center ?


By Taxi: there are two types ,the common and the limo taxi .You can request at the desk of the Ground Transport , located in the arrivals hall of each terminal. The journey takes about 20-25 minutes and costs around 20-28 SGD in the common taxis and 55-60 SGD  in the Limo Taxis, for the most central areas at normal times.


Tip: Be prepared to pay for the toll fees at certain occasions.


By Bus: public buses number 36, which leave from all terminals, connect the city to the airport. It goes to the Suntec area, where it is at Marina Bay. The cost is 2 SGD and spend about 1 hour.


Tip: Make sure to have the money exchanged or an EZ link card, because they do not give change.


Transfer by Vans or Micro-bus: there is a service for 9 SGD for adults and 6 SGD for minors of 12 years  and below that connects the airport to hotels in the city. Find the desk of the Ground Transport  in the public area of the arrival hall to hire one of these services and know the routes available.


MRT (Mass Rapid Transit): there is a station inside of the airport. You can get the SkyTrain to the subway line - East West line (green line) and it is necessary to make a connection at the Tanah Merah station in the middle of the way to get to the downtown. The ticket to the center costs about 1.70 SGD to the Orchard station. The trains run between 5:25 am and 11pm.



















Where to Stay in Singapore?


Singapore is an expensive place, so finding cheaper hotel options is even a challenge.


A good option would be to choose a hotel in Lavender, this is one of the oldest districts of Singapore, comprising the Malaysian and Muslim quarters, which is where the best cost-benefit hotels are located. However if you are not in a budget I would recommend a hotel near the Marina Bay or Orchard Road because you will be in the center of almost everything that matters in the Lion City.


From my personal experience the best place to search for hotels is booking because there you get to see lots of options and find some great and more affordable prices.


But let me tell you something about Singapore, the feeling it gives is that no matter how long you are staying in this marvellous place, anywhere will be good! Public transportation works perfectly so you don’t need to worry about the distance from where you are staying to the main attractions.



Things to do in Singapore


One of the most interesting things that also amazes me is  when I look at Singapore and think that it has become this super-developed power in just 50 years.


Singapore City Gallery


Singapore City Gallery is a very interesting place and interactive gallery, where you get to know more of the local history and have access to maps by region. But the best part is to come across a huge model, which is nothing more than a projection of Singapore in 100 years.


Like I said before Singapore has advanced fast and in no time. Small villages have become metropolis and Singapore has planned well for it. The model simulates landfills spaces for new residential, commercial buildings and leisure areas: everything is set for the next century.


This is the place where you will see a ‘’living’’ proof that dreams come true because the modern Singapore that we see today was the vision of Singapore first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew.



















Chinatown is one of those places that everyone that visit Singapore like to hangout. I find  amazing the way they established a ‘’ China’’ outside of China because in this place everything change from the language, the behaviour, the commerce, everything is different it’s like you are in another place.


In addition for what I could see I believe that to enjoy a place like this, it's good to be open-minded and attentive to absorb all the details. And go without haste. You find cafes, markets, restaurants and shops that make you feel that you really are in China.  I liked because it brought me good memories about the time that I visited Hong Kong and Macau.















Boat Quay


Boat quay is one of the oldest and most historical areas in Singapore and is situated upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River bank and houses modern restaurants, bars and skyscrapers that are home to banks and global companies. Strolling there you will find the statue of the Botero Bird and the monument called First Generation, which children are playing on the banks of the river.

Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth


If you decide to cross the river to the other bank you will find museums and galleries and if you walk up Hill Street you will find the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. Unlike the modern architecture of Singapore's financial center, what stands out in this building are its colourful windows which I believe that you will like the way they look.

In addition, if you have time you can return to the Boat Quay and enjoy the amazing sunset, relax, have a drink and grab something to eat. This region is very busy especially at the end of the day.





























Little India


Little India is a place like Chinatown, where you will feel like in another country. Coloured houses decorate the region.

Here you can taste the best of Indian cuisine. Another suggestion is the traditional Teh Tarik, an original condensed milk tea from Malaysia, but heavily consumed by the Indians. Enjoy visiting Hindu temples and the giant Mustafa Center, a giant mall that is open 24 hours a day.
















Arab Street


Close to Little India you will find the Arab Street, the Muslim stronghold in Singapore. There you can visit the Sultan Mosque and experience the typical cuisine in one of the local restaurants. Be sure to walk along Haji Lane, a nice little street full of bars, cafes and shops. Can you imagine a hipster street in a Muslim neighbourhood? Yes, Singapore and its cultural plurality like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, this city will not cease to amaze you, trust me!
















Fountain of Wealth


Few minutes away from the Arab Street is the Fountain of Wealth, a fountain in the middle of a huge business complex called Suntec City.There are five buildings that make up one of Singapore's largest shopping complexes.



























Marina Bay


Certainly one of the most coveted and expensive places in Singapore, the location is very strategic, with the financial center and Clarke Quay within walking distance, and there is plenty to do on foot.


The Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino is the most famous building ever built in Singapore to this day and also considered as one of the most incredible buildings in the world. It is a Casino Hotel, consisting of three buildings. The top of the towers is a supported shape reminiscent of a ship. The infinity pool is located there.


Unfortunately the access to the pool is only allowed to guests. But if you want to get close, just go up and go to the Cé La Vi bar, which is next to the pool. The view will not be the same but it’s better than nothing right?



Singapore Flyer


Singapore flyer is biggest Ferris wheel in the world,it  offers astonishing views of the lion city, and it is also considered as one of the most beautiful architecture icons in Singapore with a height of 165m.



 The Merlion is the symbol of the city, is a statue with the lion's head and the body of a fish. The name combines "mer" (sea)   with "lion" (lion), referring to both the origin of the name of the city and the past of Singapore, which was once a fishing   village.


ArtScience Museum


An interactive museum that houses art exhibitions and also tells a bit about the history of the world by science. But what stands out most here is its architecture, which represents hands welcoming Singapore. Each "finger" has the function of filtering the light and bringing the best natural lighting to the corresponding viewing area. This was one of the places that I enjoyed the most so make sure you visit.

The Helix Bridge


An incredible pedestrian bridge that links back to the DNA chain. Note, as you walk through it, that the luminous signs on the floor make mention of the components in the chain, (A) Adenine, (C) Cytosine, (T) Thymine and (G) Guanine. Walk through this bridge is a experience that worth a lifetime.



Gardens by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay is a futuristic and colourful park close to the Marina Bay Sands. The world famous Supertree will allow you to ‘’walk’’ in the sky and the huge psychedelic trees will make you feel like you are living in a fantasy world.



Symphony of  lights


Don’t miss the symphony of lights show like the one in Victoria Harbour.


Time: Around 7 pm



Orchard Road


The biggest concentration of malls is in this region, so if you are a shopaholic, then this is the best place for you. Orchard is always crowded with people on the streets, but at night is much calmer. But let me tell you something orchard road has a big concentration of expensive malls featuring stores like Gucci, Prada and so on.


The high number of millionaires per capita in Singapore justifies this luxurious lifestyle.


















Sentosa Island is currently considered the entertainment hub of Singapore. Although in the past it was Singapore's military defense base, Sentosa today houses hotel complexes, a Hard Rock Cafe and a Universal Studios Park, among other things.

In Sentosa you will find the largest statue of Merlion of the country, with approximately 40m.

Sentosa is connected to the mainland by a bridge and a cable car, with the Sentosa Rider bus being the cheapest option to get on the island. To get around Sentosa, there are 3 free bus lines.


How to get there?


From the Harbourfront MRT station, you have a few options. To take the cable car, take exit B. You can also take the bus or Sentosa Express, which leaves VivoCity (Lobby L, level 3).


In this place you will find a lot of attractions, such as: Madame Tussaud's, Universal Studios, beaches, tree climbing, aquarium, and casino so most probably you will spend the whole day there.


There are 3 beaches: Palawan Beach, Tanjong Beach and Siloso Beach. One suggestion is to walk to Siloso to see the colorful sign of the same name. There is a mini bus that makes the journey for those who prefer to avoid fatigue.


There are 3 free bus lines that facilitate travel within the island (blue, yellow and red)
































Madame Tussauds


Madame Tussauds is a wax museum in sentosa Singapore and touristic attraction  where you can take pictures with wax figures of celebrities from all over the world, so if you have a chance to visit Singapore don’t miss the chance to visit this place.
















IFly Singapore is where you will find the world’s first largest themed wind tuned for indoor skydiving and spinning. This was an amazing experience for me It was I training for me hahah since I am planning to do skydiving in Dubai next year.


























Universal Studios


Universal Studios Singapore is a franchise of the famous Florida Park that is located on the island of Sentosa. This franchise is located within Resorts World Sentosa which is a complex of hotels, restaurants and attractions.


Although it has a very small size when compared to the one in Orlando, it guarantees a good day of fun and some of the adventures are suitable for all ages.
























The park is divided into 7 sectors or zones:


New York: With scenes reminiscent of the  amazing Big Apple, a pizzeria and a grill, this area houses attractions that showcase the world of special effects and the production of movies and TV shows. You can still see street dancing shows in the afternoon.



























Hollywood: It's the visitor's door. In this space are concentrated shops and restaurants / bars. One of them is the well-known Mel's Drive-In, a 1950s-style diner.



















































Sci-Fi City: The region was created thinking of offering a vision of the future. This area houses the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster, Transformers the Ride inspired by the film with the same name, the transformers is my favourite specially because of the 3D effects trust me it worth a visit.
















































Ancient Egypt: Inspired by Egypt in the 1930's, it houses the Revenge of the Mummy Roller coaster full of special effects that runs in an enclosed space and in the dark.





















































Lost World: Jurassic Park-inspired features a dinosaur habitat rapids descent, a Canopy Flyer and so on.



























Far Far Away: This is the land of de Shrek with a right even to a castle. There you can also watch the 4D movie,

a softer roller coaster for families and a mini-wheel for the kids.




















































Madagascar: Inspired by the film of the same name, it features a ride on small boats in a closed environment full of animatronics, projections and sound effects, a carousel with the characters of the film.



















































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