Tioman Island : The hidden gem in South China Sea

October 27, 2017

Today i'm hosting an awesome post from the lovely  Karen Tembe from  myjeansdontfit.


Let me tell you a bit about her, she's a health and fitness blogger and vlogger but few days ago I challenged her to write a post about her last trip and the result is amazing I am really impressed and I hope you guys enjoy.


Hi, I am Karen Tembe, and I LOOVEEEE to travel! If I had the finances and the time, trust me, I’d be all over the place – 24/7! With the little time and money I have, which I am very thankful to have, I do enjoy to travel around South East Asia – to be more specific: Malaysia!


Recently I had the chance to visit a small island, which is very different from the type of places I usually go to, and that for sure was one of my best experiences. I am very “Tropical Beach” type of person, and I have visited tropical islands in Malaysia such as the famous Langkawi and Perhentian. But there was something very special about Tioman Island, that has made it the top tropical island I have been to in Malaysia.


Tioman Island is situated on Malaysia’s East Coast (my personal favorite half of Malaysia because of it translucent, clear waters), in the state of Pahang. It is the go to island to many Singaporeans as it is very close to it. I admire how the local officials and inhabitants have managed to keep the island as “Natural” and “Untouched” as possible! The main Villa (Kampung Tekek) has a local small hospital, school, police stations and shops, basically the essentials. The other Villas are mostly made of Resorts, hotels and hostels, and all these Villas surround an untouched dense jungle filled with beautiful waterfalls and sceneries. I can estimate that around 80% of the island is purely Rainforest that is uninhabited, making it a true paradise.


Best time to visit Tioman Island


Make sure you visit the island during the peak seasons (it won’t be very crowded – its ok, trust me), and avoid the monsoon season which are from November to February – where most of the hostels and tourism agencies are closed.


In addition  If you are a “Nightlife” type of person, prepare yourself to not see much of it (most shops and food courts close at 10 pm).








































 How to get there?


If you are interested in visiting the island, make sure that you have the Ferry Schedule from the main land ports (Mersing and Tanjung Gemok), as the schedule changes every month – according to the tides (if I am not mistaken), and buy your ferry ticket online if possible, as there is a maximum of 3 Ferries a day. On the days that I went – the ferries were cut down to 1 Ferry a day.


Tioman's top attractions?


Jungle Trekking


During my time at Tioman Island, I had the pleasure of Jungle Trekking, by following a 3-4 hours trail that cuts across the uninhabited Rainforest. Local Tourist Guides will offer themselves to guide you through it, for a cost, of course, but the trail is pretty “safe” for you to do it only with a group of friends. Make sure to visit the Asah Waterfalls along the Jungle Trekking Trails.






























Diving and Snorkeling


With beautiful coral reefs that Tioman island has, Snorkeling and Diving are INCREDIBLE! I personally went Diving (for the first time) and it was AMAZING. I got to swim with sharks, turtles and the most exquisite fish I’ve ever seen in my entire life. If you are looking for a place to take your Diver’s License, Tioman Island is surely the place to do it, because of its competitive prices and beautiful corals.




































Sunset at Resorts


We also visited the Berjaya Tioman Resort with the most beautiful sunset view ever. It is one of those things we did after a long day of water activities, which was very good.






































Different from tropical Malaysian islands such as Perhentian Kecil and Langkawi, Tioman island is the most “remote” place you could go if you are looking to “partying”. Alcohol is sold at a very cheap price because it’s a Duty-Free island. However, because it is a very “Islamic” island, you don’t have much of the “conventional” nightlife experience – which honestly is one of the things that I loved the most about the island! Therefore, I advise you to make sure you go with the right type of people who are fun to be with regardless of the situation. I also think it’s a great island for couples and “honeymooners” especially.






















The food is mostly traditional Malay Cuisine. There are also a few Chinese shops. I couldn’t get enough of the Kampung Friend Rice at this “off-the-road” shop, whose appearance wasn’t very welcoming, but the food is mouthwatering and quite cheap compared to the “restaurants” you find at Tioman Island. We also had a dinner at the Berjaya Resort – which was delicious, and not as expensive as we were expecting it to be. There is also a lot of sea food (of course), and BBQ shops which are also worth your attention.





Take enough insect repellent. Because it’s a very dense rainforest, there are blood-craving mosquitoes that just won’t let you go, and even more annoying – sand flies on the beaches, which bight and bruise you like nobody’s business.


Overall – Tioman Island is EXTREMLY BEAUTIFUL. It really reminds me of “Young Virgin”, pure and serene, whose treasures and beauties are not to be “explored” but instead admired and contemplated with your eyes alone. A true paradise where I had the opportunity to listen to the “nothingness” and the “stillness” and just lay back and take in all the beauty around me! It’s a very mysterious island, which is hidden behind the fame of island such as Langkawi and Perhentian, but that in my opinion, is far more captivating.























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